Dont Buy Petrainer Products from

Petrainer Australia does not Sell any of our Products on
If you have Purchased or Plan to Purchase from DON'T!
Amazon Sellers do not offer any Warranty on the Counterfeit products they Sell.
Amazon Sellers send there Customers to Petrainer HQ Australia where we Reject the Warranty Claim and you will be left with faulty goods as the Amazon Seller will not replace it and its not Petrainer HQ Australia's responsibility to replace these counterfeits as we are a Independent Distributor of Genuine Petrainer Branded Dog Training Supplies.
Buy Direct at Petrainer HQ and receive 12 month Repair/Replacement Warranty
(only on items purchased directly from our website)
If its Cheap it's a 99.9% chance its a Counterfeit from WALZY with no Warranty!