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Petrainer HQ is a leading independent distributor on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia supplying the largest range of pet training devices. The Petrainer brand has become a leader worldwide in the most trusted remote dog training collars, bark collars and invisible boundary systems. Petrainer HQ has been a trusted distributor supplying quality training aids at the best prices in Australia for almost a decade. We have tried and tested every model we sell.

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The True Leaders in Bark Control Technology
Introduction to Bark Collars

Neighbour Complaints? Council Calling? Dog driving you Barking Mad?

Our automatic anti bark collars are designed to train your dog to stop barking using high pitched tone, vibration or static stimulation depending on the model selected.

When your dog barks, a warning tone will emit from the anti bark collar. If your dog barks again within 30 seconds, a second warning tone will be heard. Every bark following this, a warning tone, vibration and static stimulation will increase depending on the model. Some models only have static stimulation.

It has been proven that using a combination of tone, vibration and static stimulation is the most effective way to stop your dog from barking. Your dog will learn that if they hear a warning tone, it will eventually result in static stimulation. That means your dog will quickly associate the tone with their barking and stop before the anti bark collar continues to the static stimulation.

Results are generally seen within 1-3 weeks. Our anti bark collars have a very high success rate due to its combination of tone, vibration and static stimulation.

The True Leaders in Remote E-Collar Technology
Introduction to Remote Dog Training E-Collars

Neighbour Complaints? Council Calling? Last Resort? Dog driving you Barking Mad?

Our remote dog trainers can be used to train your dog from unwanted behaviour such as:

✅ Barking ✅ Jumping ✅ Digging

✅ Biting ✅ Domination

✅ Showing Aggression ✅ Running Away

When a unwanted behaviour occurs, the remote trainer can be activated by the press of a button using 3 different methods of correction. A warning sound can be sent to the training collar as a warning to stop the dogs unwanted behaviour. If this doesn't work then you can try vibration or static stimulation if the dog persists. Gradually the dog should associate the beep, vibration and static stimulation with its unwanted behaviour and will learn to stop. Results are generally seen within 1-3 weeks of training.

Our collars have a very high success rate due to its multiple functions. 


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